A Guy Called Dick Braine Has Been Elected UKIP's New Leader

Britain's hard-right UKIP Party has a new leader -- and people can't stop making the same joke.

Richard Braine will lead the United Kingdom Independence Party into a post-Brexit Britain. The October 31 deadline set for the UK's exit from the European Union will mark a historic milestone for UKIP, with the party established in 1991 to lobby for this very goal of an independent Britain.

However, the party has undergone significant and rapid change in recent times, with quick turnover seeing eight different leaders since 2016, and the recent departure of former figurehead Nigel Farage.

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On Saturday, Richard Braine -- chairman of the party's West London branch -- was elected as UKIP's new leader with 53 percent of the vote, more than double that of the next contender in the members' ballot. Braine said he wanted UKIP to represent the "far-moderate voice of common sense" and said the party could regain its former momentum.

"We have got a great future and we are coming back. I am very excited and looking forward to leadership of this party, bringing the members together and delivering better results," Braine said.

It's the latest upheaval of British politics, with the country in a state of flux in the wake of former Prime Minister Theresa May's resignation, the elevation of Boris Johnson to the top job, and the looming Brexit -- plus the prospect of a 'no deal' exit from the EU, which many fear will have catastrophic consequences for UK society.

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But on news of the UKIP change, many people couldn't help noticing the party leader's name.

Like, a LOT of people.

Even in the very replies to UKIP's official tweet announcing the news.