MP In Alleged Hotel Luggage Rage

Victorian Labor politician Will Fowles has allegedly destroyed the door to a room in a Canberra hotel after being told he was unable to access his belongings.

Fowles reportedly became angry in the foyer of the Abode Hotel in Kingston at about 7.30am on Thursday, and in his rage, allegedly caused "serious damage" to the bottom half of a door.

"He told the security guard that he could not access his luggage and he needed his luggage because he had a 9am flight," witness Kellie Sloane told 10 News First.

Kellie Sloane
Witness Kellie Sloane spoke to the media on Thursday. Photo: 10 News First.

"So he bashed the door down, a huge gaping hole in the door, he accessed his luggage and then went back up to his room on the first floor."

Staff at the hotel called police, who negotiated with Fowles and instructed security guards to prevent guests from entering the hotel.

Sloane said about half-a-dozen people were forced to stand outside in minus two-degree temperatures because it was too dangerous for them to be inside the building while police tried to calm Fowles down.

It's believed Fowles told police his luggage was "unlawfully being kept in the hotel" -- the reason why he allegedly bashed the door down.

The Abode Hotel well the alleged incident took place. Photo: 10 News First.

Sloane said she and other witnesses were shocked to learn Fowles is an MP, which made his alleged behaviour even more astonishing.

"It’s outrageous behaviour from anyone let alone an MP, someone representing people," Sloane told 10 New First on Thursday.

Will Fowles
Victorian Labor MP Will Fowles. Photo: Twitter/ Will Fowles.

"So pretty awful, it's not the way anyone handles a stressful situation trying to jump on a flight. We've all been there but we don't bash down doors."

It's unclear if the MP will be charged as a result of his apparent outburst.

Sloane was blocked from taking a photo of the man. Photo: Twitter/ Kellie Sloane.

Will Fowles' office has been contacted for comment.

Victorian Labor said a statement will be issued on the matter soon.

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