One Nation Co-Founder Says Hanson 'Failed Miserably'

One Nation co-founder David Oldfield has unleashed on his former friend Pauline Hanson in a new memoir, saying working for her was "madness".

He claimed it was hard to find any redeeming features in the firebrand politician.

In a new book that he promises will show readers the "real" David Oldfield, he writes about his life leading up to politics and how he came to meet Senator Hanson while he was working for Liberal MP Tony Abbott.

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After Senator Hanson won the lower house seat of Oxley as an independent in 1996, having been dumped as the Liberal candidate, Oldfield joined her staff and helped to found the One Nation party.

They had a public falling out and he was expelled from the party in 2000.

Hanson and then-advisor Oldfield in 1997. Photo: AAP

In excerpts from his newly published memoir 'Before You Judge Me', Oldfield describes his time working for Senator Hanson as madness.

"I felt Pauline was never up to the job and failed miserably day after day," Oldfield writes.

"It’s hard to find any redeeming features in Pauline ... that come even close to compensating for Pauline’s mindset."

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He says Senator Hanson would always blame those around her for the woes that beset her political career.

Oldfield in 2003. Photo: AAP

"... But those around her have changed over the years, whereas it is she who has continued to preside over every mess.

"The only blame Pauline would ever accept for herself was in making the mistake of trusting people."

Oldfield also suggests Liberal Party operatives were ultimately responsible for the rise of One Nation, saying that had he won pre-selection for the NSW state seat of Manly he would never have met Senator Hanson and her party would not have come to exist.

Senator Hanson has been asked for comment.