Huge Weird Wooden Melania Trump Carving Unveiled In Her Slovenian Home Town

It might be one of the strangest perks of being First Lady -- a terrifying carved statue in your honour.

Melania Trump, the wife of U.S. President Donald, has been honoured in her Slovenian hometown of Sevnica with... this.

What conceptual artist Ales 'Maxi' Zupevc claims is the first ever monument of Melania Trump. Photo: Getty

That's a life-size wooden carving of the First Lady, in the image of the famous blue coat she wore at Donald's presidential inauguration in 2017.

It was meant to look something like this. Photo: Getty

It is described as a "conceptual statue". It was commissioned by American artist Brade Downey and created by a local artist.

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It is said to have been carved out of a solid living tree, using a chainsaw, and stands in a crop field by a river.

Looking at some of the finer details of the statue, it's not hard to see how a such a blunt instrument may have been used.

Hmm. Photo: Getty

It's meant to be a tribute to the town's most famous former resident, but locals aren't happy.

"It doesn’t look anything like Melania," one resident reportedly said, calling it a "smurfette" and a "disgrace."

"It's not okay," said another.

While it is not exactly a spitting image of Melania, that may be exactly the point. In a short film released alongside the statue, the local artist who created it -- known as Maxi -- said "let's face it... she owns half of America while I have nothing."

A nearby gallery said in a leaflet "perhaps we are simply trying vigorously to make sense of things that might only be a slapstick prank."

Locals aren't stoked. Photo: Getty

Commissioning artist Downey said he wanted the carving to be "a dialogue with my country's political situation" -- saying he wanted to highlight Melania, an immigrant herself, being married to an anti-immigration, pro-nationalist leader.

Downey told AFP that he thought the work was "absolutely beautiful" but admitted "I can understand why people might think that this falls short as a description of her physical appearance."

Well, whether it's meant to be a serious work of art, a joke, or somewhere in between, we should all be able to agree that we can all enjoy this.

Photo: Getty

But while this is obviously glorious, how does it stack up against Australia's own political wooden artwork?

This cracker, from the last federal election in May, surely gives Melania a run for her money.