'What A Dick': Politician's Wild Press Release Roasts Senator

One Nation's Malcolm Roberts is back in the Senate, but he's already been branded a "climate change denying weirdo" by a fellow politician.

Roberts, who was elected to represent Queensland in the 2016 election, has been returned to the upper house following the May poll. The One Nation senator was famously one of those embroiled in the section 44 dual citizenship crisis and was forced to quit the parliament after it was revealed he held British citizenship.

His resignation paved the way for Fraser Anning to join the Senate as a replacement. We all know how that turned out.

Malcolm Roberts with a cardboard cutout of Pauline Hanson. Photo: AAP

Roberts was officially named as a senator for QLD on Tuesday, winning the fourth-most votes. He will rejoin One Nation leader Pauline Hanson in the Senate, and has promised to "hold Canberra's politicians and bureaucrats to account".

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But one member of the political class is not exactly enthralled to see him back in the corridors of power.

"You're f**king kidding me right?" Victorian state politician Fiona Patten said in a statement on Wednesday, in response to Roberts' re-election.

Fiona Patten: not a One Nation fan. Photo: AAP

"I thought someone was having a joke with me. Not that climate-change denying, weirdo, conspiracy theorist," Patten continued.

"What a dick."

Patten, leader of the Reason Party -- formerly the Sex Party -- is a member for Victoria's northern metropolitan region. She was re-elected at the 2018 state election, after first winning a seat in the state parliament in 2014.

She's clearly not a fan of One Nation. It's not Patten's first sledge at Hanson's party, previously calling Hanson a "disgrace" and One Nation a "hot mess".

An entire month after the federal election on May 18, the final makeup of the Senate has been locked in. The Australia Electoral Commission released the results of the count in Victoria on Wednesday, finalising the results that will see the Coalition government commanding 35 of the 76 seats in the Senate -- four short of a 39-vote majority.

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That means Scott Morrison will have to negotiate with a Senate crossbench -- featuring Hanson, Roberts, Cory Bernardi, two Centre Alliance members from South Australia, and a newly re-elected Jacqui Lambie -- to get his policies through the parliament.

While Roberts will rejoin Hanson, her Western Australia senator Peter Georgiou will not be coming back to parliament, failing in his re-election bid.

The Coalition won 20 Senate seats at the May poll, compared to just 13 won by Labor. The Greens retained six seats, keeping their federal total at nine, while Lambie grabbed a Tasmanian seat -- after she, too, was forced to quit over a section 44 issue of her own in 2018.

The 46th federal parliament sits for the first time next month.