We Wrap A Ridiculous, Random Election Campaign

The election is over. Fantastic. Great Move. Well done.

After five weeks, we have a winner -- but it’s not the one many expected. The Coalition was returned to power, but despite his extensive tour of street libraries and toilet blocks, Tony Abbott won’t be joining them.

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Labor lost, Bill Shorten is out, Anthony Albanese looks set to take over the party leadership, so it’ll be Albo vs ScoMo for the next few years.

Anthony Albanese eats a sausage sandwich after casting his vote at Nicholson Street Public School in Balmain, Sydney. Image: AAP

We’ve enjoyed bringing you our Below The Line videos each week, but we’ve had a go, and now we get to go… back to our normal lives outside this election.

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Thanks for joining us each week -- we expect to be seeing you in about three years for the next election, but knowing how wild our political system has been in recent times, it may very well be a lot sooner.

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