Some Job Suggestions For Tony Abbott Post Politics

Job hunting is hard enough, let alone when you're coming out of a 25-year stint at your previous gig.

Tony Abbott may soon depart politics after making a stunning exit from his position as MP for Warringah -- a blue-ribbon Sydney seat previously held by the Liberal Party and its predecessors for almost a century.

With Warringah now in Zali Steggall's independent hands, what's next for Abbott?

There are rumours he might take up the role as U.S. ambassador, but with Washington hardly known for its beachside community vibe, one can imagine he might pass on the offer.

There's plenty to suggest he won't actually walk away from political life at all, including but not limited to the bit in his concession speech where he said his public life will likely go on.

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That aside, it pays to consider all of your options when sitting at one of life's crossroads, so we have compiled a few possible employment options for the former PM.


It's always a good idea to start where you have prior experience.

Before entering politics, Abbott began studying for the Catholic priesthood. After entering St Patrick's Seminary in Manly, he realised he was "a bit of a square peg in a round hole" and left to become a journalist.

While his wife, Margie, might hinder his chances during the application process, Abbott could head back to the church and not even have to leave Manly.


You know what they say, love what you do and you'll never work another day!

In the words of Abbott himself: "Reading is such a wonderful way of broadening the mind, its such a wonderful way of exploring parts of the world that you can never personally see."

With degrees in economics and law, as well as a Rhodes scholarship, he certainly has the brains for it.

The Tango Avenue street library doesn't have any positions advertised at the moment, but there's no doubt the establishment would be proud to have a former prime minister with such enthusiasm on its staff.


Throughout his political career, Abbott has volunteered with the Rural Fire Service, helping to extinguish bushfires around the state.

Australia needs firefighters like never before.

Scientific agencies, including the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO, have warned how the rising temperatures of the land and sea are making our weather events more extreme -- the fire season is longer, while fires are more fierce and frequent.

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Abbott could very well make battling the effects of climate change a full-time job.

Tony Abbott is seen with his Davidson Brigade as NSW Rural Fire Service crews battle a bush fire near houses in Salt Ash, NSW. Image: AAP

Before the journalism and politics, Abbott briefly worked in a concrete factory, so he's laid the foundations for a shot at an apprenticeship already.

And this is Sydney! There's never a shortage of infrastructure projects to get your hands dirty on.

If it gets underway, the Northern Beaches tunnel could be the perfect first project for Abbott, but only if he does it right.

BudgY Smuggler Brand Ambassador

The ol' Speedo is in the middle of a Renaissance -- it's time to cash in.

An avid swimmer, surfer and volunteer lifeguard, Abbott is already well documented across the swimming trunk industry.

Back when Abbott was last looking for a job, brand deals and sponsored social media posts weren't the lucrative career option they are now. While he might need to do some homework on how to woo the brands, he already has the Instagram account and wardrobe ready to go.

Onion Farmer

You find us someone more qualified to produce onions and we'll eat one raw, unpeeled and whole.