Tanya Plibersek Will Not Contest The Labor Leadership

Tanya Plibersek will not be contesting for leadership of the Labor party, the Deputy Leader revealed in a statement on Monday afternoon.

Plibersek said that she had received support from across the Party to be elected leader but stated that "now is not my time".

"At this point, I cannot reconcile the important responsibilities I have to my family with the additional responsibilities of the Labor leadership."

Plibersek said that she recognises some people may be disappointed with her decision but she intends to continue as deputy leader until the new party leadership is determined.

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The statement then went on to discuss Labor's need to reassess their policies and win the "hearts and minds" of Australians in order to win government in the future.

Tanya Plibersek. Source: Getty.

Plibersek's decision does not necessarily mean that Anthony Albanese will run uncontested -- although it does make that situation more likely.

Albanese said yesterday that while many Labor voters are grieving the result of the election, "what they want to know is that we are going to move forward with a positive agenda that will hold the government to account."