Aussies Call For Queensland To Secede From Australia

Aussies are calling for Queensland to be 'cut loose' after the Federal Election result that stunned a nation.

Labor needed a decent result in QLD to nab government -- but it seems that a lot of conservative politicians have actually increased their results from the 2016 election.
READ MORE: Adani, Palmer, 'Death Taxes': What The Hell Happened In Queensland? In Herbert, one of the tightest races, Labor MP Cathy O'Toole suffered a seven per cent swing against her with Liberal National Party’s Phil Thompson claiming victory.
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Very early, but Senate results in Queensland are giving LNP three seats (currently on 2.7 quotas). Malcolm Roberts is looking likely as well - almost one full quota. #ausvotes

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In a number of other Liberal seats, the Coalition increased its lead. In the Senate, Fraser Anning has been dumped as a QLD senator, and Clive Palmer's huge cash spend looks like it will be all for nothing as he polls just a trickle of votes -- but One Nation's Malcolm Roberts is in a good spot to be returned in his own right. The results from Queensland became a beacon for the post-election result anger for a lot of people, so much so #Quexit trended throughout election night and hundreds continue to call for it via Twitter.
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Lis Clough@TVLandLis

WTF is happening back home??!!I Queensland??!! - you had one job #ausvotes#auspol

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Harry Tucker @harrytuckerr

Can we swap Queensland for New Zealand?

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Kelly Di Pietro@Kelly_Leah

I’d like to call for a #QUexit. I’d also like more wine. I do not have enough wine to deal with this... #auspol#AUSVote19

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I am calling it. It’s time for QUEXIT. You’ve really screwed us queensland. #australiavotes2019#auspol#australiavotes#quexit

 Many questions remain over the unexpected election result, with Labor left picking up the pieces of what was widely expected to be their greatest win.