One Nation Election Truck Goes Up In Flames In Roadside Inferno

A One Nation truck has been set on fire in Tasmania following Saturday's Federal Election.

One Nation Senate candidate Adam Lambert had parked the vehicle outside the Shoreline Hotel in Howrah in Greater Hobart on Sunday evening. He then entered a shopping centre to buy groceries.

The truck was set on fire while Lambert was inside the shopping centre and when he returned the vehicle was a charred "mess".

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson posted a video of the fire to Twitter, where she claimed, "someone was seen torching it before fleeing".

10 daily understands Tasmania Police are still investigating the incident and have not confirmed if someone was seen fleeing the scene.

"Police are investigating and treating the fire as suspicious," Tasmania Police said in a statement.

One Nation Truck Set On Fire
Photo: Twitter/ Pauline Hanson

Adam Lambert posted a video to Facebook, where he addressed the fire. Lambert said he was shocked the truck was set alight after the election and said he will work harder at the next election to fight for Tasmanians.

"This is post-election. This is after it is all said and done and the way I figure it is, if you don't like us, don't vote for us," Lambert said in the video.

"What a mess. What a mess. It has been a long, hard campaign."

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One Nation Truck Set On Fire
Photo: Twitter/ Phoebe Hosier/ABC News Tasmania.

Tasmania Police told 10 daily investigations into the incident are ongoing.

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