Trump, Turnbull Congratulate Morrison's 'GREAT' Election Win

The congratulations are coming in for Prime Minister Scott Morrison, after he pulled off a surprise election victory.

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull offered his congratulations to Morrison on "an outstanding personal victory".

Turnbull, who was noticeably absent during the Liberal campaign, said it reflected on Australia's faith in the Coalition's economic plan.

"Australians have once again backed the Coalition to deliver a strong economy, more jobs and lower taxes," Turnbull said.

US President Donald Trump also tweeted his congratulations to Morrison on his "miracle" election win.

"Congratulations to Scott on a GREAT WIN!" the US president tweeted on Sunday morning, Australian time.

The coalition is edging closer to the 76 seats it needs to have a majority in the Australian parliament, with 74 at the end of counting on Saturday night, after a result that defied months of opinion polls consistently showing Labor ahead.

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The result has been cheered by conservatives in the US and compared to Trump's surprise 2016 presidential win when polls had predicted he would lose.

donald trump scott morrison
Donald Trump congratulated Scott Morrison on Sunday morning, Australian time. Photo: Getty / AAP.

Fox News described Morrison's win as a "stunning political victory", putting it down to "Australia's ruling conservative coalition [defying] polls".

Anti-Islamic commentator Pamela Geller said it was down to the "Trump effect".

"Polls were wrong... again," Geller tweeted.

"The people are taking back their countries from the totalitarian left."

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Axios' Amy Harder told readers the election results indicates "Australia will continue to closely resemble the Trump administration's positioning on climate change".

"Climate advocates had said this election would be a referendum on the current leadership's positions on climate change, the results suggest that either voters don't care as much about the issue compared to others or they prefer less aggressive measures, as the current leadership is pursuing," Harder said.

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