Scott Morrison And Tony Abbott Heckled About Climate Change

It's been pegged as the climate change election and as Australians cast their final votes on Saturday, politicians were still being asked hard questions about the planet.

During his final push to woo voters in his long-held seat of Warringah in Sydney's north-shore, Tony Abbott found himself going up against some tough critics -- local kids.

While standing outside Manly Village Public School, Abbott was filmed deep in a debate with a group of children who were grilling the MP about his opposition to renewable energy.

The video, posted to Twitter by a journalist for the Manly Daily newspaper, shows the group asking him about alternatives to coal.

"You said you wanted to do the right thing by everyone, is it the right thing by everyone protecting the planet?" one young girl can be heard asking Abbott.

"Exactly right," Abbott responded. "But the important thing is to do it in an intelligent way, not an unintelligent way..."

"By not polluting the earth with coal", another girl interrupted with.

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Abbott goes on to slowly explain why he doesn't back solar or wind power, before advocating for nuclear power which he said was "emissions free".

"So the thing is we need to think, okay, a lot of the problems, kids, at the moment is there's too much ideology, too much religion if you like, and not enough common sense when we talk about these things," he said.

Abbott is in the fight of his political life, battling to retain his long-held seat of Warringah against independent Zali Steggall.

Despite comfortably holding Warringah for the past 25 years, Abbott has lost once-loyal voters over his stance on issues including climate change and same-sex marriage.

Down in the Sutherland Shire, Scott Morrison was also confronted on the issue of climate change.

"You need to keep coal in the ground Mr Morrison not in your hands," a woman can be heard shouting at the PM as he left Lilli Pilli Public School, where he cast his vote.

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A short time later, security had to physically stop the woman, who was wearing a #StopAdani t-shirt from reaching the PM.

"Mr Morrison what are you going to do?" the woman can be heard saying while she was held back by a security guard.

"We need to keep coal in the ground."

The young woman said she wanted clean energy in her future before telling police officers she was "done", and walked off.

Morrison was also called out over refugee detention issues, with his wife Jenny stepping in to say that no children were in offshore detention anymore.

Climate change has never been far from this campaign.

On Tuesday, police arrested 13 people after Greenpeace activists climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, calling on Morrison to declare a climate change emergency.