Bill Shorten Finally Learned How To Eat A Democracy Sausage

It was probably the biggest scandal of election day 2016, so he wasn't going to make the same mistake twice.

After absolutely botching the most important task of election day -- eating a sausage sandwich like a normal human being -- Bill Shorten has signalled he is ready to assume the mantle of Prime Minister by putting in a sterling snag-related performance.

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After the 2016 bungle, where he munched into a crusty roll from the side like a piece of watermelon, it was a disaster that he couldn't afford to repeat.

Shorten's 2016 election disaster. Photo: AAP

On Saturday, he went for the far simpler, classic sausage on a single slice of white bread this year -- a much easier snack to navigate than the fancy roll he tried last time around.

"Here's a tip, you eat it from the end," he joked, taking a dig at his infamous flub.

No doubt having practised this technique at home with his advisors, he seemed to nail it.

"Practice makes perfect," he joked on Twitter, posting photos with his wife Chloe as he tucks into the election day staple.

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Scott Morrison, on the other hand, hasn't yet posted a photo online of himself with a snag. It's unclear at this stage what effect this could have on his vote, or how this will affect the polls.

Morrison mans the BBQ at Norwood Primary School in Launceston, Tasmania. Photo: AAP

The current PM posted a photo on his Instagram story early on Saturday where he said he was having "bacon and egg rolls to start the day", and was snapped flipping snags on the BBQ -- but nary a democracy sausage has been sighted near his mouth yet.

Other politicians and regular voters have been absolutely going snag-mad though, with the #democracysausage hashtag totally lighting up Twitter.

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