Thank God It's Nearly Over! The Final Strange Days Of #AusVotes

We made it to the finish line! We've all had a go, and now we get to go back to [largely] ignoring politics.

More than four million Aussies went to the polls early, and judging from the final days of the campaign -- where the biggest news events were a Prime Ministerial tick of approval for a mullet, and Bill Shorten getting mobbed like a rock star at a school -- it was a good decision to get their democratic obligations out of the way ahead of time.

Scott Morrison Wants The 'Bogan' Vote
Photo: AAP.

Five weeks of campaigning, of criss-crossing the country, of photo ops and speeches and social media scandal, finally come to an end on Saturday.

Honestly, we're exhausted, and this week seemed to dial up the silly, in a sort of  final explosion and last hurrah of #AusPol nuttiness.

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Morrison admitted he liked coriander, and was accused of going for "the bogan vote" -- this accusation was even hurled by a bogan.

A betting agency paid out wagers on Labor; the 'senator in exile' gate-crashed a Prime Ministerial press conference; a Liberal MP was filmed in a bizarre public outburst; and a worker got sacked for asking Shorten a question.

Shorten and his wife Chloe cemented their lead in the polls. Photo: AAP

Morrison finally told us what that "promise of Australia" slogan was all about; a Greens candidate told us not to fear socialism; and in what is still our favourite story of the campaign, Ned Kelly -- Ned Kelly! -- was sent an election ballot by the electoral commission.

Saturday night should (we hope) deliver a verdict one way or the other. The only place you want to be is on 10, where we'll be bringing you the most fun election night coverage of all.

Shorten got mobbed... but sadly only by kids who aren't old enough to vote. Photo: AAP

With an all-star power panel -- including Sandra Sully, Hamish Macdonald and Chris Bath, Waleed Aly and Peter van Onselen -- plus expert reaction from Christopher Pyne, Kristina Keneally, Sam Dastyari and Trent Zimmerman, we've got both the fun and serious sides covered.

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But there's also the pre-election sizzle, with the Studio 10 Aussie Poll Party, kicking off on at 3pm -- which will also feature Missy Higgins, San Cisco and John Williamson for special performances to help the country's struggling farmers.

It's gonna be fun. See you there.

Tune in to Studio 10's Aussie Poll Party from 3pm. And 10 News First Your Vote from 5pm, only on 10 And WIN Network on election day May 18.