Morrison Finally Explains What His ‘Promise Of Australia’ Slogan Actually Means

It’s the term that has left many scratching their heads -- so here’s what the Prime Minister’s latest slogan means.

Morrison has a number of well-worn catchphrases in circulation at the moment -- “have a go to get a go”, rhetorically asking “how good is…” whatever thing or person he’s clapped eyes on at that moment in time -- but it was his “promise of Australia” line from a speech at the Liberal election launch on Sunday that got people talking.

Well, not so much talking, as asking: "What is the promise of Australia, exactly?"

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The PM has made a number of references to the phrase this past week, as he skilfully tread a precarious tightrope between spruiking the term in public while giving just the barest of hints of what the concept actually entailed.

“I believe that Australia is a promise to everyone who has the great privilege to call themselves an Australian," Morrison said at Sunday's campaign launch.

"You know what that promise is? We know it. It's the promise that allows Australians, quietly going about their lives, to realise their simple, honest and decent aspirations - quiet, hardworking Australians."

The baffling turn of phrase has been noticed.

Morrison continued to repeat the phrase throughout the week.

“I believe in the promise of Australia. The promise of Australia where if you have a go, you get a go,” he said in a TV interview.

“The promise of Australia is that they will be able to realise their aspirations,” Morrison said at an event in Penrith.

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Some were quick to point out that Morrison wasn’t the first to use the term -- former Labor PM Bob Hawke had given a speech, with that title, back in 1987.

On Wednesday, Morrison finally gave us the lowdown on what he thinks the ‘promise of Australia’ is all about.

“I understand what that promise is. I understand that it's about fuelling and assisting you to realise your aspirations,” he said at a morning event in Victoria.

Scott Morrison at a Chinese community event at the Golden Century Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown Sydney. Photo: AAP

Later in the day, at a Chinese restaurant in Sydney, he expanded.

“What is the promise of Australia?” he asked the room at large.

“Australia makes a promise to you."

Photo: AAP

If that is explanation is still somewhat confusing, here's how the PM outlined the 'promise' at the campaign launch.

“An Australia where you are accepted and acknowledged, regardless of your age, your ethnicity, your religion, your gender, your sexuality, your level of ability, or your wealth or your income,” he said.

“An Australia where you can live in an economy that enables you and your family to enjoy the best living standards and be able to plan for your future with confidence.”

Morrison went on to list healthcare, respecting older Australians, realising aspirations and getting opportunities if you work hard enough, jobs and education, as part of the ‘promise’ -- coincidentally, all key planks of the Liberals’ election platform.

Photo: AAP

If you think that seems eerily familiar to the “have a go to get a go” phrase, you’re not alone.

“To all the Australians listening, that's the promise of Australia. A hard-won promise provided by the generations that went before us and must be improved by us in this current generation, to pass on to those generations that will follow,” he said in the launch speech.

So there you have it. The promise of Australia, as explained by -- he says -- the person most entrusted with upholding the promise; the PM himself.

Josh Butler is travelling with the Morrison campaign.

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