Scott Morrison Admits He Loves Coriander In Election Bombshell

The PM made a controversial decision on Thursday, professing love for the most hated herb of them all -- coriander.

But it was another decision that surprised many, as the usually cap-loving Scott Morrison refusing to don an on-brand gift from a fruit market worker.

Morrison started the day in Sydney, at the Flemington markets, strolling through the dawn crowds as stalls set up their wares for the day and early morning buyers rushed around in search of bargains.

Donning the customary high-vis vest, Morrison was accompanied by wife Jenny and local Liberal candidate for Reid, Fiona Martin, on a quick tour through the sprawling, buzzing marketplace.

Shaking hands, admiring tomatoes and apples, sampling blueberries and snapping selfies, Morrison was upbeat and positive just two days out from an election. Many expect his party to be resoundingly trounced on Saturday, but the PM received an enthusiastic welcome from the morning crowds.

Scott Morrison eats blueberries
Scott Morrison visits Sydney market on Thursday. Photos: AAP

“I hope you go up!” one stall operator told Morrison in broken English, vigorously shaking his hand and even giving a little bow to the PM and his wife.

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The PM stopped by a stand selling herbs, saying he needed to get some more ingredients to whip up one of the curries he is so fond of. Hoping for a Bill Shorten lettuce moment, 10 daily asked hopefully “what’s your favourite kind of herb, Prime Minister?”

“Coriander,” he said in response, arms full of greens.

Scott Morrison Likes Coriander
Scott Morrison loves coriander. Photo: AAP

The herb isn’t for everyone. Some love it, but many can’t stand it, likening the taste to soap. The PM’s love for coriander was a bold admission.

Soon after, he spotted a man selling fruit, wearing a hat shaped like a pineapple. Morrison can’t seem to get enough of baseball caps, slapping one on at every opportunity for photo ops and press conferences --but it seems that a hat shaped like fruit was a bridge too far, even for him.

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The vendor offered the hat to the PM, who initially resisted, before accepting it. He wasn’t keen to put it on for the cameras though.

“Sorry to disappoint you,” he laughed, quickly handing the hat off to an aide.

Scott Morrison Hat
Morrison rejected the pineapple-shaped hat. Photo: AAP.

Morrison stopped in at a stall selling roasted nuts, chewing on a few as he tossed some veggies cooking in a pan.

As he walked off, one man working in the stall stared back after him and had just one question.

“Was that the Labor guy or the Liberal guy?”

Josh Butler is travelling with the Morrison campaign.

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