On-Air Scare As PM's Line Goes Dead After Alarm Goes Off

“You’re alive,” came the relieved reply from a radio host, after Scott Morrison suddenly vanished from an interview after a fire alarm went off.

It was the unexpected start to a rather awkward interview on Melbourne’s KIIS FM, where the PM was asked about bathroom breaks, national security and Taylor Swift.

Speaking on the phone from Tasmania, Morrison had just dialled into the radio chat when a siren in his hotel started blaring in the background.

“Is that an alarm?” the hosts asked.

“I better go, I’m sorry about that,” Morrison said, abruptly putting the phone down and leaving the radio hosts shocked.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Photo: AAP

“Hang on, song request!” one asked in vain, as the line went momentarily dead.

“Oh god, wow,” they continued, the sudden disappearance of their star guest leaving the hosts in shock.

“Do you reckon there was even an alarm?”

“Do you think that was serious? Hope he’s OK.”

But as quickly as he vanished, the PM was back, apologising for the interruption.

“We were starting to worry mate!” came the relieved reply.

Sticking to form, Morrison went on to request a song from his “favourite artist” Tina Arena.

In a game of ‘yea or nay,’ Morrison gave a thumbs-up to Game Of Thrones. He said he hadn’t seen the latest episodes of the show’s final season - “I’ve been a bit busy”, he joked - and added his favourite character was Jon Snow, and that his dire wolf Ghost was the “coolest dog in television”.

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Morrison also said ‘yeah’ to using public bathrooms at McDonald's. In response to probing from the hosts, he said he used public restrooms like anyone else, and that his staff did not clear any facilities for him to use.

Morrison travelled from Launceston to Melbourne on Wednesday, where he is expected to visit the ultra-marginal seat of Corangamite, held by Liberal MP Sarah Henderson.

Josh Butler is travelling with the Morrison campaign. 

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