Shorten Calls Out Morrison For Being 'Mean' Over Gay Hell Debate

Who is the meanest of them all? The Prime Minister, according to Bill Shorten.

Yesterday Prime Minister Scott Morrison was asked about why he did not support the legalising of same-sex marriage and whether he believed gay people would go to hell.

“We try and do what’s right and we try and do what’s best and that’s what always sought to guide me in terms of my own personal faith,” Morrison said.

“It’s law and I am glad that the change has now been made and we and people can get on with their lives, that’s what I am happy about.”

“I always support the law of the country.”

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But that answer was not good enough for Prime Ministerial hopeful Bill Shorten.

The Labor leader took aim at Morrison saying he’s responsible for the “meanest commentary” surrounding this campaign.

“I cannot believe that the Prime Minister has not immediately said that gay people will not go to hell," Shorten said.

It follows former Labor Prime Minister Paul Keating, slamming Peter Dutton.

Julia Gillard, Paul Keating and Kevin Rudd
kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and Paul Keating. Image: AAP Photos.

“I joined the Australian Parliament 50 years ago this year," Keating said.

“In those 50 years I’ve never seen any public figure as mean or mean spirited as Peter Dutton.”

Dutton later responded on Twitter, accusing Keating's "heartless mismanagement of the economy" of almost destroying his father Bruce's small business.

"He inspired me to join the Liberal Party," Dutton said.

When the current Labor Leader was quizzed on whether he agreed with Keating, Shorten pointed the finger at his rival.

“I actually think that the meanest commentary I've seen in the election is actually the propositions that are being advanced that gay people are going to go to hell.”

“You want to talk about mean, I mean, the personalities, yeah, sure, Dutton is Dutton and I think that everyone knows that.”

“But you know, I cannot believe in this election that there is a discussion even underway that gay people will go to hell.”

“I cannot believe that the Prime Minister has not immediately said that gay people will not go to hell.”

“I think if you want to be prime minister of Australia, you have to be Prime Minister for all.”

The comments surrounding gay people going to hell are in the wake of Wallabies superstar Israel Folau's controversial social media posts made on April 10.

Folau posted a meme that read: "WARNING Drunks Homosexuals Adulterers Liars Fornicators Thieves Atheists Idolaters, HELL AWAITS YOU. REPENT! ONLY JESUS SAVES before adding a bible verse from Galatians.

He went on to personally add: "Those who are living in sin will end up in Hell unless you repent. Jesus Christ loves you and is giving you time to turn away from your sin and come to him".

In a statement to 10 Daily from the Prime Minister’s office, Morrison said he did not believe gay people went to hell.

“No, I do not believe that,” Morrison said.

“It was a desperate, cheap shot from Bill Shorten who is looking to distract attention from his housing tax that will undermine the value of people’s homes.”

Phoebe Bowen is on the campaign trail with Bill Shorten. 

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