Liberal MP Claims Labor Voted For 'Sex Offenders and Rapists' In Heated Street-Side Confrontation

Liberal MP Steve Irons has lashed out at a heckler on a Perth street, accusing Labor of voting "for pedophiles, sex offenders and rapists".

Irons was filmed waving placards at passing traffic as he and supporters including his wife are approached by men asking how many times he voted to cut penalty rates.

The member for Swan then places a sign in front of the camera before saying: "I tell you what, I didn't vote for pedophiles, sex offenders and rapists like the Labor party did."

Steve Irons
Irons confronted a 'heckler' road-side in the electorate of Swan. Photo: Twitter.

Irons said in a statement he would "not stand by and allow Labor-Union thugs to intimidate women, and I will certainly not allow anyone to verbally abuse my wife."

His response about Labor's voting record was in reference Labor's record on national security legislation.

Labor earlier this year backed the medivac bill which allows for asylum seekers on Manus Island or Nauru to be transferred to Australia for medical treatment if signed off by two doctors.