Calls To Ban Politicians Flying Business Class On Short Trips

A South Australian Senate candidate is proposing a business class booking ban on short domestic flights for all federal candidates.

The proposed legislation would see all see candidates, elected MPs and Senators only book economy class airfares for domestic flights of two hours or less paid for with taxpayer funds.

Centre Alliance -- formerly Nick Xenophon Team -- Senate candidate Skye Kakoschke-Moore launched her Business Class Boycott Campaign on Sunday.

If elected, Kakoschke-Moore wants all federal candidates to commit.

She said the "common sense" move would save taxpayers millions of dollars.

"In 2018 nearly $12 million was spent on domestic airfares by federal politicians," Kakoschke-Moore said.

"Before essential community services are asked to make do with less, politicians should look inwardly to see where they can reduce their own spending."

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She said the proposed business class booking ban would not apply to overseas travel on official parliamentary business.

Skye Kakoschke-Moore in the Senate in 2017. Photo: AAP

“I recognise that overseas travel can involve substantial distances, with multiple meetings arranged in often short periods of time in order to maximise the time away. In such instances, it’s reasonable to consider business class travel is justifiable,” she said.

“That said, my proposed Bill will have a provision where politicians are able to pay the difference between business and economy fares for domestic flights if they so choose.

“It’s time for all politicians to stop treating taxpayer funded travel like their own Plane of Thrones.”

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