Fossils And F**k-Ups: A Weird Week On The AusVotes Campaign Trail

It just feels like this campaign is never going to end, doesn't it?

Week four of this five-week #AusVotes campaign largely brought us more of the same -- more candidates caught up in scandalous social media blunders, more candidates resigning or being sacked, more fighting, more press conferences, more protests, and more people choosing to vote early, just to get it over and done with.

Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten faced off twice in a week in televised TV debates.

Bill Shorten and Scott Morrison during the third election debate. Photo: AAP

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But it was two very different moments from the two leaders which became the big headline moments of week four.

Firstly, Morrison's attempted egging at a CWA meeting, and  then Shorten's emotional yet defiant response to a "political attack" on a newspaper front page about his mum.

More eggs. More claims of newspaper and media bias.

Yours truly jumped on the bus with the Shorten media campaign for a few days, going from Sydney - Brisbane - Sydney - Melbourne - Canberra - Nowra - Canberra - Brisbane - Sydney in just five days.

It's the equivalent of a political Contiki tour (seriously, they sort out all your hotels and transport, they even give out beers on the plane).

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Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard managed to sit in the same room, right next to each other, and things didn't blow up! This was truly a political miracle performed at the ALP's Brisbane campaign launch.

Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd
Photo: AAP

Paul Keating zinged Scott Morrison as a "fossil in a baseball cap", the two leaders traded video game insults, former triple j host Alex Dyson showed us some interpretative dance, Tony Abbott reportedly made a $100 bet about climate change, then both he and Shorten got blanked for a handshake on the same day.

What a week.

Eight days to go... but who's counting, right?

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