Tony Abbott Handshake Snubbed By Schoolkids, Later He Gets Some High Fives

Tony Abbott might be a former Prime Minister, but today he had trouble getting handshakes out of schoolkids.

Anna Jane Wray was at work in Manly, in Abbott's Sydney electorate of Warringah, when she noticed something outside her window.

Upon closer inspection, she realised it was the former Prime Minister approaching a group of school kids who acknowledge him but appear uninterested in shaking his hand.

Whether they recognised the former Prime Minster or not was unclear.

"He was the former PM and no one was going near him," Wray told 10 daily.

She decided to film the awkward encounter, recording for about 20 minutes, on and off.

tony abbott handshake

Tony Abbott going for the handshake at Many Village Public School. Photo: supplied.

Wray said it was about 3 pm and the kids from Manly Village Public School looked to be coming back from an excursion.

Abbott can be seen in videos seen by 10 daily, standing outside the school with two other men before the children arrive.

But not everyone walked past the former PM. Nearby parents who definitely recognised Abbott were keen to stop and chat with him.

"There were a few parents there that were interested and got their kids to go over," Wray said.

Abbott himself later posted pictures on Instagram of the kids giving him high-fives.

"Not too many fans of handshakes, but plenty of high fives to go around at Manly Village Public School this afternoon," he wrote.

"Great to be able to meet with parents as they wait to pick up their students and make sure every voter understands that only the Liberal Party can deliver for our community and our future."

Abbott is facing a tight race against Independent Zali Stegall, who in a recent Longergan poll -- commissioned for GetUp -- had a 56-44 lead.

The people of Warringah will decide at the voting box on May 18.