Everything We Know About 'Egg Girl'

The young woman who attempted to egg Scott Morrison at an event on Tuesday reportedly did it for humanitarian reasons. 

The protester was almost immediately dubbed 'Egg Girl' after she threw an egg at the PM at a Country Women's Association event in Albury on the border of NSW and Victoria.

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According to reporters on the ground, 'Egg Girl' cited apparent mismanagement of refugees on Manus Island as the reason behind her actions.

The woman is escorted from the event after attempting to egg the Prime Minister. Source: 10 News First.

According to the ABC, the egg the woman threw didn't crack at all, even after flying over the PM's head and onto the ground.'

Not much else is known about the woman, who was tackled by security and escorted from the event just seconds after she threw the egg.

NSW Police confirmed on Tuesday afternoon they had arrested a 25-year-old woman in relation to the incident at the CWA event.

"We have a female in custody in relation to an incident involving the Prime Minister this morning," a police spokesperson said.

"I'm not elaborating on anything other than she's currently in custody," he said.

The young woman who attempted to egg Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Source: AAP.

The PM responded quickly on Twitter, saying he will "stand up to thuggery" of "cowardly activists".

At the PM's next event, he joked about Egg Girl's behaviour, saying the CWA could teach her how to use eggs by cooking something similar to their famous baked goods.

"There was one individual that came along today and I think the CWA could give her a really good idea about what you're supposed to do with eggs, in terms of baking or something like that.  I'm sure they could work out some appropriate community service or something," Morrison said.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten also condemned the attack on the PM.

"This is not what we do in Australia," Shorten said on Tuesday.

"The Prime Minister has my full sympathy and the woman who was involved as well."

Responses to Egg Girl's actions were mixed. Some support her decision and others don't.

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