Neil Erikson Claims He 'Colluded' With Liberals, Attended 'Secret' Gold Coast LNP Meeting

Far-right figurehead Neil Erikson claimed his flights were paid for so he could attend an alleged "secret" Liberal National Party recruitment meeting last year, as his relationship with the Coalition comes under scrutiny.

Erikson -- a former member of the United Patriots Front, who was convicted for inciting contempt against Muslims in an anti-mosque protest -- said he "colluded with the Liberal Party" and claimed he was asked to help members attract conservatives to the movement.

In a series of blog posts and YouTube videos in recent days, Melbourne-based Erikson has alleged he was flown to Queensland for what he said was an LNP meeting. He has also claimed he met with other Liberal MPs at other times.

On Friday, Erikson released flight documents and emails -- seen by 10 daily -- which he claimed showed he was flown to the Gold Coast in June 2018, where he attended what was described as an "LNP conservative recruitment event".

Erikson claimed to 10 daily that he would be releasing further information in coming days.

Erikson at a rally in St Kilda in January. Photo: AAP

A Coalition spokesperson did not deny that Erikson attended a meeting in June 2018, but denied it was an official party event.

"The event you mention was not an LNP event. For this reason, the party cannot respond to your other questions about invitations and attendance," the spokesperson told 10 daily in a statement.

"All members of the LNP are encouraged to promote membership and encourage others to join the party. However, there are strict rules around how this is done, including that members must not pay the fees of anyone who is not a family member, and [they] must not damage the party or bring it into disrepute."

Erikson alleged he was asked to address the meeting about his convictions for religious vilification, and that attendees at the "secret" meeting joked about his infamous 2017 confrontation with then-senator Sam Dastyari.

Erikson speaking in a YouTube video posted on Friday

Video of that incident showed Erikson and another man abusing the Labor senator by calling him a "terrorist" and a "monkey".

Erikson alleged a former QLD LNP Senate candidate and a Victorian Liberal member were in attendance at the Gold Coast meeting, with more than 50 other prospective members.

Scott Moerland -- a fellow UPF member, now candidate for Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party for the seat of Oxley -- backed up Erikson's story, also claiming he was in attendance at the 2018 meeting.

Erikson in Melbourne in 2017. Photo: AAP

"They all knew who Erikson was. Because Erikson even addressed this Liberal crowd, concerning his conviction for inciting religious vilification against Muslims," Moerland said in a Facebook video on Thursday.

Erikson came to prominence after a 2015 UPF anti-mosque demonstration outside the Bendigo Council, where he and other far-right identities Blair Cottrell and Christopher Shortis beheaded a mannequin with a sword. The three were convicted and fined in September 2017 for inciting serious vilification of Muslims over the stunt.