Zali Steggall Says She Would Support Coalition In A Hung Parliament

Warringah ondependent candidate Zali Steggall says she'd support a Coalition government in the case of a hung parliament.

Labor continues to lead the coalition in published opinion polls but the gap has narrowed over the campaign to 51-49 in two-party terms.

Asked during a Sky News debate on Thursday about a possible minority government after the election, Steggall - who is taking on former prime minister Tony Abbott in his Sydney of Warringah - said her "preference" was to give supply and confidence to the coalition.

Warringah candidates Zali Steggall and Tony Abbott at their debate. Image: AAP

However, she disagreed with the coalition's climate policy and would not support Labor's tax reforms, including changes to franking credits.

She said Labor's 45 percent emissions reduction target was the "very minimum" needed.

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Abbott described the election as "very close" and warned a protest vote in Warringah would deliver a Labor government.

He rejected Steggall's idea of an independent climate commission as sub-contracting decision-making to "unelected bureaucrats".