Third Election Debate Locked For Press Club Primetime Next Wednesday

Bill Shorten has agreed to Scott Morrison's demands to hold a third televised election debate in prime time next Wednesday.

The leaders will have a second debate on Friday and now the Labor leader has agreed to take part in another evening bout at the National Press Club next Wednesday.

"We are happy to consider this compromise option being held in the evening, as the other two debates are," Labor national secretary Noah Carroll wrote to his Liberal counterpart on Wednesday.

These two men have started speaking and won’t stop for five and a bit weeks (Images: AAP/Mick Tsikas & Daniel Pockett)
Photo: AAP

The prime minister earlier in the week accused Shorten of avoiding prime-time scrutiny by seeking to have the third debate at lunchtime.

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"A prime-time debate would provide as many Australians as possible, including those who work during the day, the best opportunity to scrutinise the very clear choice on offer at this election," Morrison said.

Shorten will also appear on the ABC's Q&A program on Monday.

Photo: AAP

Labor challenged the prime minister to also make an appearance on the show, which involves taking an hour of questions from audience members.

"I note the prime minister has not appeared on this program for several years," Carroll wrote.

"Will the prime minister be breaking his Q&A drought this campaign?"

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