'I Cop All This S*** All The Time': Pauline Hanson Breaks Down On TV

A fired-up and emotional Pauline Hanson has slammed a string of former One Nation candidates for 'letting her down', claiming she is being sabotaged ahead of the election.

The Queensland senator has been in damage control yet again this week, after A Current Affair aired secretly recorded footage of One Nation candidate Steve Dickson making disparaging comments to women in a Washington DC strip club.

Hours after Hanson accepted Dickson's resignation, she faced off with ACA host Tracey Grimshaw.

"I'm so upset Tracy," Hanson said on A Current Affair on Tuesday night.

"I just feel I keep getting kicked in the guts time and time again, and it all happens right before an election."

Pauline Hanson broke down on A Current Affair.

Hanson said she was not going to try and justify what was leaked on the tape, saying she was "disgusted" by it. Later on, however, she admitted she was worried about Dickson in the wake of the explosive footage airing.

Hanson, who has been a controversial figure in Australian politics since she was first elected to parliament more than two decades ago, claimed the tapes were leaked in an attempt to "discredit " and "pull down" her party ahead of the federal election.

"Why is everyone so frightened of myself, why is everyone so frightened of One Nation?" she asked.

The footage was secretly recorded by undercover Al Jazeera journalist Rodger Muller, who spent three years infiltrating the National Rifle Association in the United States.

Steve Dickson and a woman in a strip club in Washington. IMAGE: ACA

In the course of his investigation, Muller -- working alongside journalist Peter Charley -- exposed One Nation's Dickson and adviser James Ashby as seeking donations from the powerful gun lobby.

On Tuesday night, Hanson again defended Dickson and Ashby's U.S. trip, insisting the pair never went to seek donations from the NRA.

"At the end of the day I am leader of this particular party, I don't care what Steve Dickson goes over there and says," Hanson said.

"If you think I would actually take a donation from the NRA, no I wouldn't."

When Grimshaw queried why her party was trying to get into bed with a gun lobby, Hanson fired up.

"How much do I have to tell you, this is not about getting in bed with a gun lobby, it has never been about getting in bed with a gun lobby," she said.

"I don't care what these two guys said. I'm the leader of this party, not them and I'll make the final decisions as I always have done.

"They went over as themselves, I didn't tell them to go asking for donations, I didn't tell them to go discussing watering down gun laws."

Hanson said she was left devastated and furious by the entire incident but refused to place the blame on Ashby when asked why she had stood by the men.

"I've been let down dreadfully.... not by him," she said when asked whether she wanted to tell Ashby how she felt.

Pauline Hanson addressed the media for the first time since the scandal broke. Image: AAP

"I can give you a whole list of them," she added, before naming former One Nation candidates Fraser Anning, Brian Burston and David Oldfield.

Hanson said she would continue to stay in politics until the public stopped voting for her.

"I cop all this s*** all the time and I'm sick of it, I'm absolutely sick of it," she said.

Al Jazeera has said in a statement overnight that it had not run the footage in its report and condemns the "unauthorised use of its material".