Fraser Anning Publicly Abused By Man In Brisbane

Yet another member of the public has shouted down far-right Senator Fraser Anning, abusing the politician as a "maggot" in Brisbane this weekend.

Anning, who last week became embroiled in controversy again, was filmed appearing at a pro-Adani coal mine event in Brisbane on Sunday.

In highly inflammatory footage posted to social media on Sunday morning, the Senator was standing with a group of people -- including some election candidates for his Conservative National Party -- when another man walked up and got right in Anning's face to abuse him.

The man confronts Anning (second from right, black hat) in Brisbane. Photo: Facebook

“What the f*** are you doing dog, get the f*** out of West End,” the man yelled, standing inches from Anning.

“Fifty f***ing people died in Christchurch, does that f***ing mean anything to you, you f***ing maggot?"

It appeared to be a reference to Anning's maligned comments following the New Zealand mosque terror attacks in March, when he claimed the true cause of the bloodshed was the country's immigration program.

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In the video, the man continued to yell while Anning stepped back, his supporters coming in to stand between them.

One of Anning's candidates -- Queensland Senate hopeful Paul Taylor -- started yelling right back.

The man (right) yelling at Anning's group. Photo: Facebook

“Three hundred died in Sri Lanka, what did you say about it,” Taylor said, referencing the Easter Sunday terror attack on Christian churches and tourist hotels.

The first man continued.

"Get out of here you mug, you're not welcome in West End," he said.

"Get going you filthy animal," Anning replied, as his supporters jeered at the man.

Senator Fraser Anning. Photo: AAP.

The man spat at the ground and gave a middle-finger as an Anning supporter pulled out his phone to take a photo.

"You are the prince of cowards," Taylor said, as the man walked away.

Anning, who came to the Senate under the One Nation banner as a replacement for the disqualified Malcolm Roberts, faces an uphill battle to be returned to parliament at the May 18 poll.

The half-Senate election will see just six upper-house seats up for grabs in Queensland. Labor and the Coalition are likely to take between three and five of these, with the Greens, One Nation, United Australia and Anning tipped to be effectively battling it out for the final seats.

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