Shorten Promises Free Dental For Pensioners In $2.4 Billion Plan

More than three million aged pensioners will have access to free dental care if Labor is elected.

Bill Shorten announced the $2.4 billion plan to the Labor faithful during a rally in Melbourne's east on Sunday.

Under the Pensioner Dental Plan, Medicare will be expanded to allow aged pensioners to claim $1000 of free dental care every two years.

Labor claims the Government has cut $283 million a year from public dental funding, and more than 185,000 older Australians skip dental care because of the cost.

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Under the plan, Medicare will cover services such as examinations, X-rays, cleaning, fluoride treatment, fissure sealants, fillings, root canals, extractions, periodontal treatment and dentures.

Aboriginal Medical Services will also be able to access the scheme.

If the proposal is enforced, it will be one of the biggest government subsidies for dental care.

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Shorten said the policy would help improve quality of life, self confidence and basic dignity to those on the aged pension.

"No policy matters more to me than making sure our pensioners can get the dental care they need," he said.

Shorten also announced a $4 billion promise for free or almost-free child care to low income families, benefiting about 887,000 families.

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Most families earning up to $69,000 will get free child care under a Labor government, saving up to $2,100 per child every year.

"We're going to make sure that every three-year-old and four-year old in Australia can go to pre-school or kindergarten for 15 hours," Shorten said on Sunday.

"I am proud to announce the most family-friendly policy of this campaign and the biggest savings for family budgets in a generation."

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