Anti-Adani Convoy Arrives In QLD 'Hornet's Nest' To Hostile Reception

Hundreds of Adani coal mine supporters are expected to rally in a Queensland mining town as a Bob Brown-led convoy of anti-Adani activists arrives on Saturday.

A protest convoy aimed at stopping the Adani's Bowen Basin mine will get "a very, very hostile reception" from hundreds of counter-protesters as it rolls into the coal-rich Queensland region.

The convoy of about 400 mine opponents, led by Bob Brown, plans to arrive in the mining town of Clermont on Saturday as the former Australian Greens leader urges coal advocates to "use your God-given intelligence" to stop the "worsening climate emergency due to the burning of fossil fuels".

Protestors seen during a Stop Adani rally in Brisbane on Monday. Photo: AAP

They're likely to receive a mixed reaction after local publican Kel Applegate organised a rally in support of the Adani project.

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He said politicians Matt Canavan, George Christensen, Malcolm Roberts, Clive Palmer, as well as Katter's Australia Party, have joined his pro-coal cause.

"It's nothing personal but (the anti-Adani activists) are hypocrites," Applegate told AAP.

"How do they think steel gets made, or their electric trains run - it doesn't come from solar panels or wind farms."

Applegate said visitors would also struggle to find a beer after Clermont's three pubs agreed not to serve them.

A protest march makes its through the CBD in Brisbane on Monday. Photo: AAP

"I think these protesters will be left in no doubt they've walked into a hornet's nest in this country," state shadow mining minister Dale Last said on Saturday.

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"I know the residents in Clermont are very angry that this group's coming out here to tell them what they should and shouldn't be doing.

"They're going to get a very, very hostile reception, I can assure you of that."

Conservationist and former Greens leader Bob Brown speaks with children during a Stop Adani rally in Brisbane. Photo: AAP

The Bob Brown-led convoy is expected to arrive in Clermont about 2pm.

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