Who Hit And Who Missed During A Crazy Week Two On The Campaign Trail

Scott Morrison is spending a lot of time in pubs.

Pitching hard for the 'everyman' vote, trying to portray himself as a knockabout regular bloke, the Prime Minister can't stay away from the front bar lately.

From playing pool and sharing a quiet schooner with the locals, to calling out bingo numbers at the RSL, and on Anzac Day considering -- but ultimately resisting -- the call to neck a whole beer in one like Bob Hawke, Morrison is enjoying rocking up at the local pub for a photo op.

Photo: AAP

Once you factor in that he also can't stay away from the sporting fields -- this week being snapped belting a cricket ball, heading a soccer ball and swinging a tennis racquet in a single press opportunity -- it's clear the Member for Cook is going hard to create a connection with the 'average' Australian.

On the other hand, Bill Shorten's wife Chloe has been responsible for some handy athleticism of her own, literally catching a young boy as he fell out of a tree.

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Check out our 'Below The Line' wrap video above for some of the strangest moments from this week.

It was a more measured and careful Shorten on the trail this week, after he made headlines for a few press conference moments he'd rather forget in the campaign's opening week. He called out News Corp, talked up jobs and wages, and generally kept the torch turned on the Coalition.

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And what a week it was to do that, with the growing 'Watergate' scandal over water mismanagement threatening the derail the government's campaign. It dominated press conferences and media reporting, a dynamic not helped at all by Barnaby Joyce's incredible shouting match interview on the ABC.

Photo: AAP

It was a week punctuated by Easter and Anzac Day, public holidays where both campaigns pledged to not campaign -- but basically did anyway, still making public appearances and smashing social media, just not taking any questions from journalists.

Alex Dyson is running for the seat of Wannon. Photo: Triple J

The parties started rolling out their meme armies too, leaning heavily on Game of Thrones imagery -- but Labor went with a more throwback reference to take aim at the PM.

A Greens candidate got in trouble for whacking a ScoMo pinata; a former Triple J host has thrown his hat in the ring to run for parliament, and the youth of Australia are now enrolled to vote in record numbers.

Week two is in the can, and we're 22 days out from polling day. That's a long time in politics. Don't tune out yet.

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