Anning Candidate Compares Koran To Toilet Paper, Calls Bigger Woman 'Fat-Arsed B***hes'

A man running against Prime Minister Scott Morrison in the seat of Cook has called full-bodied women "fat-arsed bitches" and compared the Koran to toilet paper, in a series of controversial social media posts.

Peter Kelly was on Friday officially announced as the endorsed candidate for Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party in the seat of Cook.

The press conference to mark the announcement, held in Cronulla, was marred after a man has been charged after an altercation with a photographer following allegations he "made intimidating comments to a female journalist". The 19-year-old man has been charged with common assault, intimidation and behaving in an offensive manner, and will appear in local court next month.

Peter Kelly (left) with Fraser Anning, at the candidate announcement in Cronulla. Photo: Facebook

Kelly is an armed services veteran, saying on his Facebook page that he "spent 25 years in the military (initially in the Infantry and later the Intelligence Corps)". He also served on Ku-Ring-Gai local council as a member of One Nation.

He spent time as a staffer for Brian Burston when he was under the One Nation banner before the senator defected to Clive Palmer's United Australia Party. Kelly also ran unsuccessfully for the federal seat of Bradfield in the 2016 election for the Australian Liberty Alliance.

But now the party-hopping Kelly has a new home, throwing in his lot with the former One Nation and Katter's Australia Party senator Anning.

Fraser Anning's candidate for Cook, Peter Kelly. Photo: Facebook

"I am going to have a go at unseating the sitting PM. It's only been done a couple of times in Australian history. Wish me luck," he wrote to the 57 fans of his 'Peter Kelly for Cook' campaign Facebook page last week.

The page lists his contact address as a location near Pymble in the north of Sydney, 40 kilometres outside the electorate of Cook.

Just an hour after announcing his candidacy, he shared a news story about alleged Muslim attacks on French churches, commenting "Oil and water simply do not mix. No matter how much you might want them to."

A look at Kelly's personal Facebook page shows a number of other anti-Islam and sexist posts.

Kelly did not respond to repeated requests from 10 daily for comment.

In June 2017, on his personal Facebook page -- where he goes by the name Peter James -- he posted an image of John Jarratt's serial killer character from Australian horror film 'Wolf Creek' with a gun in the back of his truck, bearing the words "so... you Muslims looking for a safe space?"

In June 2015, Kelly posted a cartoon image of a man sitting on a toilet holding a book, accompanied by the phrase "the Koran... now in two ply!" He re-shared the image to his profile in 2017.

In other graphics posted to his page, Kelly has said he "does not give a shit about hurting any Muslims feelings" and he made disparaging remarks against Muhammad, the Islamic prophet.

In 2017, the Sydney Morning Herald reported Kelly's Ku-Ring-Gai council election campaign material included an endorsement from Prince Omar Kiram of the Sultanate of Sulu and Sabah, a Muslim state claiming dominion over parts of the Philippines and Borneo.

"I have known Dr Kelly for decades, but more recently when he worked to upgrade the constitution of the sultanate," the Prince wrote.

Kelly has also shared a number of anti-feminist and sexist posts to his profile. In May 2015, alongside a photo of Amber Rose, he wrote:

Someone in the fashion industry somewhere has decided that fat-arsed women are hot. F**K NO. They are NOT HOT. They are fat-arsed b***hes.

On Monday Kelly wrote on his campaign page, "If I unseat SLOMO, does that make me PM?".