Scott Morrison Nearly Swallowed A Fly And The Internet Is All About It

There was a politician who swallowed a fly...

While campaigning in the country's top end on Wednesday, Scott Morrison found himself getting perhaps a little more familiar with the local wildlife than he anticipated.

AAP photojournalist Mick Tsikas managed to capture the moment a fly perched itself just inside the prime minister's lips, appearing to take a moment to rest on his tooth.

Just one of the many members of Darwin's fly population, it's not entirely impossible the little guy just wanted to listen to what Morrison has in store for the area.

It's day 14 of the federal campaign and while moments like this aren't about to determine the outcome, the perfectly timed snapshot did manage to capture the internet's imagination.

It's even being compared with other classic Auspol moments such as that time Tony Abbott bit into a raw onion, and that other time Queensland MP Matthew Canavan did the exact same thing.

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The photo was snapped during a press conference during Morrison's visit to RGM Maintenance in Darwin -- a company which provides the Department of Defence with vehicle and equipment repairs and servicing.

The PM spent Wednesday campaigning in the Northern Territory seats of Solomon and Lingiari, while Opposition Leader Bill Shorten appealed to voters in Townsville.

And as it turned out, Shorten had experienced his own fly-on-the-face moment just days earlier, while speaking to media in Cairns.

Photo: AAP.

Ah, to be a fly on the wall. Or in this case, a tooth.