Scott Morrison Upstaged By Nine-Year-Old Entrepreneur

Scott Morrison is used to handing out sweeteners, but on Day 14 of the campaign he snapped up some advice from one of the nation’s youngest entrepreneurs.

Nine-year-old Angus Copelin-Walters, founder of crocodile-themed confectionery business Croc Candy, stole the spotlight at a business breakfast in Darwin, where Scott Morrison was supposed to be the star.

The Prime Minister said he was “blown away” by Angus’ success story.

He started Croc Candy at just seven years old, after wanting to donate money to charity but having nothing to give.

Image: provided
Image: provided

It turned over $10,000 in its first year, and now has the Prime Ministerial seal of approval.

“Nice to see you Angus, I’ve heard a lot about you today,” Morrison said.

“I hear you’ve got a lot of business ideas, which is great.”

The young entrepreneur said: “I sell rock candy and croc lollipops, which are my favourite.”

The PM was thrilled with the offering, and took some candy for his daughters Lily and Abbey, exclaiming “They look like fun, they’ll love those!”

Image: Croc Candy Facebook

Speaking to 10 News First, Angus said he enjoyed his chat with the PM.

“It was very fun, we talked about my business and he said ‘great job'," Angus said.

Balancing running a business and school is a tough task but Angus says it’s all worthwhile because he can help those in need.

“I can help people who have nothing.”

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The young entrepreneur says running the business -- including answering emails and managing money -- has helped him manage his dyslexia.

Angus is also helping his friends launch businesses, and there’s no doubt his future is sweet.