Below The Line: Onions, Eggs And Awkward Encounters And That's Just Week One

Welcome to Below The Line, 10 daily's weekly #AusVotes election campaign video wrap.

We are off to a good start.

Just nine days into the federal election campaign, and it's already gotten very silly.

We've had Tony Abbott singing, Bill Shorten's unique sunscreen application technique, Scott Morrison getting flummoxed with his international salutations, Jacqui Lambie taking on a dagwood dog, Matt Canavan taking on an onion.

It's been an interesting first chapter.

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So as we call time on the first full week of the campaign, it's time to look back on how far we've come.

These two men have started speaking and won’t stop for five and a bit weeks (Images: AAP/Mick Tsikas & Daniel Pockett)
These two men have started speaking and won’t stop for five and a bit weeks (Images: AAP/Mick Tsikas & Daniel Pockett)

Scott Morrison has spent a fair bit of time in NSW and Victoria, hopping around the country on a magical mystery tour with our journalist Phoebe Bowden onboard.

The PM has hit every state plus the Northern Territory so far, flitting about as he tries to shore up support in key seats.

Labor's Bill Shorten has been busy too, in mostly the same areas -- concentrating on the populated eastern states.

Victoria and Queensland are some of the real battlegrounds in this election, with a sprinkling of Sydney seats in play, so there's not really many areas that either leader can afford to overlook.

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Shorten did overlook -- or at least, he tried to -- 10 News First's Jonathan Lea as he peppered the Labor leader with some questions about his emissions policy.

Jono went into detail in his story 'Bill Shorten Fails To Answer A Question On Electric Cars -- Five Times In A Row'.

Photo: AAP

Some of the quite interesting seats to watch, however, ARE in Sydney.

Results in Wentworth and Warringah won't lead to a change of government, with Labor not exactly competitive there, but independents are looking to grab the historically Liberal seats.

Zali Steggall is trying to unseat Tony Abbott, and Kerryn Phelps is working hard to keep her seat against a Dave Sharma challenge.

To that end, lobby group Advance Australia is trying its best to stymie the Independents, and their caped crusader Captain GetUp is their main weapon.

A parody superhero that we unmasked this week as a Colombian YouTube creator.

Captain GetUp

It's been a fun week. Check out the highlights in our Below The Line round-up above, and check back this time next week for the next installment.

Listen to Hugh Riminton and Peter Van Onselen in The Professor and The Hack discuss all things #Auspol. 

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