'Captain GetUp' Is Actually A Colombian YouTuber

The controversial parody superhero starring in a "gross" video dancing on an image of Zali Steggall has been unmasked as a YouTube video creator from Colombia.

Lobby group Advance Australia, billed as the "conservative GetUp", has focused its activities in the 2019 election squarely on the Sydney seat of Warringah, held by Tony Abbott. The group has independent candidate and skiing champion Zali Steggall in its sights, as she looks to oust the 25-year MP from parliament.

The latest strategy from the group is 'Captain GetUp', a parody superhero character they are using in an attempt to draw links between Steggall and the progressive campaigning group.

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Captain GetUp has been ridiculed on social media for a series of cringeworthy videos, featuring a badly dubbed voice and repeated factual errors.

Captain GetUp rubs against a poster of Warringah candidate Zali Steggall.

The campaign came under fire this week after a video was uploaded to the group's social media accounts showing Captain GetUp gyrating and dancing against a large poster of Steggall's face, as well as rubbing her neck area, set to pulsing club music. Advance Australia said the video was published in "error", and it was later removed from social media.

Now, 10 daily can reveal the character inside the superhero suit is a Colombian YouTube video creator and former employee of a Sydney real estate agent.

"Colombian in Australia," a translation of the description on his YouTube page -- written in Spanish -- reads.

"Ugly and poor, but I'm good people."

"Hi, I make YOUTUBE videos in SPANGLISH," the bio on his Facebook page reads.

10 daily has chosen not to publish his name.

Captain GetUp with a videographer in Melbourne, as captured in an image shared on social media.

Recent videos, mostly published in Spanish, focus on topics from Sydney harbour yacht parties, renting an apartment, and getting a job in Australia. One features him "dressing up as a chick" for the Melbourne Cup. Older videos show him presenting real estate content, including bidding at auctions, for an eastern suburbs agent.

He has nearly 3000 subscribers on his YouTube page and almost 20,000 followers on Facebook.

10 daily was supplied the information about the man's identity by a media adviser for the Labor Party, who spent some time tracking down the person in the superhero suit.

Advance Australia has been contacted for comment.

The Captain GetUp Twitter account has posted multiple tweets seemingly confirming the identity of the man in the suit. One post featured several plane emojis and the hashtag #Colombia. Other posts have replied to, or quote-tweeted, people claiming to know the character's real identity.

It is believed the YouTuber -- based in Sydney -- is travelling and making videos with his partner, an Australian woman from the Sunshine Coast.

Captain GetUp in Sydney, as captured in an image shared on social media.

"Next project -- being flown around Australia for 33 days to create videos for the federal election," he posted on his Instagram page on April 1, adding that he would be "arriving in Sydney on the 8th."

The first post on the Captain GetUp's Twitter page came on April 9, with the first video -- from the Sydney seat of Warringah -- later that day.

"Just signed a deal to spend the next month travelling Australia, Thanks to my best friend photographer," the man's partner posted on Facebook on March 27, tagging the man's Instagram handle.

She later posted another update on April 4 that she would "be back in 5 weeks". The federal election campaign was announced seven days later, to run for five weeks.

10 daily contacted the man through Facebook, who confirmed he was inside the Captain GetUp suit, but referred further enquiries to Advance Australia director Gerard Benedet -- a long-time affiliate of the Liberal Party, who has worked for a number of high-profile Coalition politicians.

Most of the man's YouTube clips are voiced in Spanish. However, comparing to several where he speaks in English, the YouTuber's voice sounds similar to the one that voices Captain GetUp videos.

Photos captured by citizens showing the face of the person inside the Captain GetUp suit -- after the character had taken off his costume head -- are also a match for the Colombian YouTuber.