The Past Three Years In Parliament Have Been Bonkers. Here's Proof.

From Fatman Scoop to Borat, dual citizens to sprinklers, Muppets to crocs -- the last three years in politics had it all.

We had planned to bring you a list of "the good, the bad and the weird" of the 45th parliament, as this term of government wraps up and Australia prepares to head to the polls in five weeks time.

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But as it started coming together, the "weird" list just kept getting longer... and longer... and longer... and longer.

Look, of course, there were some great things that came out of this parliament.

Marriage equality will probably be remembered as the greatest legacy of the last few years in Canberra, an unprecedented and -- eventually, after much delay -- bipartisan display of unity, love and acceptance from our nation's leaders.

Flags were waved, cheers erupted, and a hauntingly beautiful rendition of 'We Are Australian' rung out in the House of Representatives as the final vote passed. These are images that will long be remembered, with this incredible one of Linda Burney embracing Warren Entsch perhaps the most iconic of all.

Photo: AAP

But no doubt, the 45th parliament had MANY more weird moments than great ones.

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Remember the dual citizenship section 44 crisis that engulfed the entire parliament and took down more than a dozen politicians?

Or how Scott Morrison pulled out a piece of (lacquered) coal in parliament and waved it around?

Remember how James Ashby and Brian Burston had a fight in parliament, and Burston admitted to smearing his blood on Pauline Hanson's door?

Or how Hanson put on, then dramatically ripped off, a burqa in a Senate stunt?

Image: Studio 10.

Or how Hanson turned up on Studio 10 to announce Mark Latham as her new candidate... but he didn't turn up... so she gave an interview next to an empty chair?

Or her immortal "I didn't flip-flop" claim?

Remember how Bob Katter's "let a thousand blossoms bloom" press conference went viral worldwide after he wasn't going to spend time thinking about marriage equality because "every three months, a person is torn to pieces by a crocodile in North Queensland"?

Or how Scott Morrison struck up an unlikely social media bond with Fatman Scoop when he tweeted out a video from Question Time soundtracked by the rapper's song 'Be Faithful'?

Remember when Bill Shorten rapped, then dabbed, on the radio?

Or how Scott Morrison called his colleagues a "Muppet show"?

Remember that WHOLE thing with Barnaby Joyce, the Barnababy, and the bonk ban?

Remember when Malcolm Turnbull (remember him??) and Donald Trump got into an incredibly heated phone call, where the POTUS slammed the PM in "the most unpleasant call all day" for "a horrible deal" on refugees?

Or how Scott Morrison did a Borat impersonation?

ScoMo Just Did A Bizarre Borat Impression In Parliament

Remember how Michaelia Cash hid behind a whiteboard?

Or how someone in Scott Morrison's team photoshopped a new set of white shoes on his feet in a family photo?

Remember there was that whole spate of government MPs blaming hackers for their Twitter accounts 'liking' content such as porn or anti-Liberal posts?

The rise of Egg Boy.

Remember how a senator got egged by a teenager and referenced the 'final solution' in his maiden speech?

Or how Scott Morrison thanked Mick Fanning's mum for a hat?

Remember how Clive Palmer bombarded everyone with texts, made a strangely addictive mobile game about chocolate biscuits, made heaps of memes, pinched a senator off Pauline Hanson's One Nation, and got drenched by sprinklers at his own press conference?

Or how Scott Morrison gave Malcolm Turnbull a big hug, and backed him as PM... then replaced him just days later?

This isn't even all of it. We haven't even mentioned how 80s metal band Twisted Sister threatened legal action over Clive Palmer's election ads; or Lucy Gichuhi's meme-worthy "well... well..." reaction; or Tony Abbott's fondness for street libraries; or Andrew 'James Bond' Broad and his 'g'day' dirty talk; or Malcolm Roberts making chicken noises; or Julie Bishop jumping off a boat, then out of parliament.

No, we simply didn't have room for those.

Anyway, lots happened, and if the last few years are anything to go by, the next five weeks of this election campaign will be interesting.

Check out our video roundup above, and reminisce on what will surely go down in history as one of the most memorable parliaments of recent generations.

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