Shorten Labels Rolling Julia Gillard And Kevin Rudd A 'Team Effort'

When it comes to ousting a Prime Minister, there's no 'I' in 'team', says Bill Shorten.

Now well and truly in campaign mode, the Opposition Leader appeared on Studio 10 on Friday morning to discuss his Budget reply and the looming Federal election.

Shorten's been at the Labor Party's helm for exactly 2,000 days, he pointed out, making him the party's most stable leadership figure in more than a decade.

On the topic of leadership, host Joe Hildebrand was quick to bring up Julia Gillard's recent appearance in a Labor election advert, despite the fact Shorten played a key roll in her 2013 downfall.

"Julia Gillard was in large part a Prime Minister who was made by you and unmade by you," Hildebrand said.

"She's now said she thinks you would make a great prime minister. Have you two kissed and made up, have you spoken, has she forgiven you for your actions in restoring Kevin Rudd to power?"

Aside from the issue of the "leadership instability", Shorten said the pair get along very well.

"You were the architect of that instability! You played a critical role in rolling Kevin Rudd then a critical roll in rolling Julia Gillard," Hildebrand fired back.

The host said Shorten's subsequent years of holding together a united Labor front seemed like an "ironic reward" for "the person who created the problem in the first place".

"You know, I think it was a team effort, dysfunction's normally a team effort," Shorten responded.

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Julia Gillard's loss in the 2013 leadership ballot was essentially secured when Shorten dramatically announced he supported Kevin Rudd's return to power just minutes before the party room meeting.

It was a stunning turnaround, just three years after he had been pivotal in toppling Rudd for Gillard.

Shorten shared Gillard's election endorsement video on Sunday night via social media, in which the former Prime Minister described the Labor leader as "compassionate".

“The Bill Shorten I know is a great listener," she said in the video.

"The Bill Shorten I know is a terrific leader, he brings people together and I think he will do that for the nation."