Greenpeace Put Toilet Paper With Politicians’ Faces In Parliament House Bathrooms

Anti-environment rhetoric from the government has been turned into toilet paper and dropped into Parliament House bathrooms in a secret operation from Greenpeace activists.

The faces of Tony Abbott, Barnaby Joyce, Scott Morrison and other Coalition members have been printed onto toilet tissue, alongside some of their pro-coal or climate sceptic quotes, the environment group told 10 daily.

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Image: Greenpeace

“This afternoon, Greenpeace Australia Pacific activists switched toilet rolls in Parliament House, Canberra with novelty toilet paper,” the group said.

“These politicians were chosen for their ‘shit’ stance on climate action, whether it be their ridicule of the science or fanatical support for coal.”

Despite the prank happening on the first day of this month, Greenpeace assure us this is no April Fools joke, and shared some pictures to prove it.

Among the quotes are Abbott’s infamous 2011 claim that the science of climate change was “absolute crap”, and his 2014 line that “coal is good for humanity”.

Prime Minister Morrison gets a run for the controversial stunt where he pulled out a lump of coal during a Question Time session in 2018, waving it around then passing it among his colleagues on the government benches as he told the Labor opposition, “Don’t be afraid! Don’t be scared! It won’t hurt you!”

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Image: Greenpeace

Deputy PM Michael McCormack's “you can utilise coal in a way very friendly to the environment” claim also made it onto some toilet paper.

“We’re hoping that after this election, the science denying, coal loving views of these politicians will end up where they belong – in the toilet,” Greenpeace Australia Pacific campaigner Jack Ballhausen told 10 daily.

“Climate change isn’t crap - but their views certainly are.”

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