ScoMo Beefs Up His Social Media Presence Ahead Of The Budget By Joining Snapchat

The Prime Minister Scott Morrison has revealed the Government's latest plan to get young people involved in the upcoming federal election.

He's joined Snapchat.

The social media app is widely used among young people and allows users to send video messages, traditionally up to 10 seconds in length, to their followers.

For his first Snapchat video Morrison unsurprisingly plugged the Government's Tuesday night Budget reveal.

"It's a big week to come onto Snapchat because it's the Budget tomorrow night," he said.

"I look forward to giving you more updates about what the Budget means for you."

The government has been out and about this week spruiking their Budget ahead of what's expected to be a gruelling election campaign.

Earlier on Monday, the PM joined Minister for Health Greg Hunt to announce two more life-saving cancer medicines would be added to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

"As we go into tomorrow night's Budget, a stronger economy guarantees funding for the essential services that you rely on. Not higher taxes, that only slows the economy," Morrison told reporters.

Meanwhile. Opposition Leader Bill Shorten on Monday announced Labor's plan to increase investment into renewable energies and plans to have half of all new cars in Australia be electric within the next decade.

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It's unclear how or if the Government will use Snapchat to promote their Budget to younger audiences on Tuesday night, or whether Labor also has a young voter engagement tactic up its sleeve.