The NSW Election Will Make History, Regardless Of The Outcome

The state race has been run and both leaders have reached the finish line in much different shape.

The Premier had her best week on the campaign and it showed in her body language. Gladys Berejiklian appeared more confident and relaxed especially when she was joined by her sisters in the final days of the campaign.

The opposition leader had his worst week and while Michael Daley was doing his best to put on a brave face, the enthusiasm which propelled his campaign seemed to deflate.

In politics, timing is everything.

NSW Opposition Leader Michael Daley. AAP Image.

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After coming out of the blocks strongly with his threat to sack Alan Jones live on air and successfully prosecuting his schools and hospitals before stadiums slogan, the Labor leader faltered in the home stretch.

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From his Asian immigration comments which he was forced to apologise for -- to a stumbling performance in a leader’s debate and having to defend his preference deal with the shooters, fishers and farmers party in the wake of the Christchurch massacre -- it wasn’t the ideal way to finish a campaign.

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On the other hand, the Premier has been accused of running one of the worst campaigns -- lacklustre, a strategy that failed to capitalise on its strengths and lacking a clear narrative.

Gladys Berejiklian
Berejiklian is expected to win by a narrow margin. Image: AAP

She also made mistakes in the debate, her government is doing a preference deal with the Liberal Democrats which advocates relaxing gun laws and then there was that disastrous press conference where she couldn’t even bring herself to say the word ‘stadium’.

But through Michael Daley’s missteps this week, her competence was highlighted.

One factor in Labor’s favour is around 25 percent of people have already voted, meaning this last week might not have influenced their vote.

In the key seats that will decide this election, many are still on a knife-edge,. This means anything is possible but both sides concede a minority government for the Coalition is looking more likely.

In any case, it’s looking like we’ll be in for a long Saturday night.

And history will be made.

Either the state’s first female Premier will be elected as well as the longest liberal government in NSW.

Michael Daley
Michael Daley and the stadium that could win him the election. Image: AAP.

Or a man who was only installed as leader four months ago gets to run the state, after the party was sin binned over a corruption-tainted period in government, and if that happens, it’ll largely be thanks to a stadium in the eastern suburbs.

It’s over to you -- the punters -- to make the call.

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