Viewers Not Happy With ScoMo's 'Attitude' During 'Iconic' Interview

After an incredibly tense week in the wake of the Christchurch attack, Waleed Aly and Prime Minister Scott Morrison faced-off on The Project on Thursday.

In an interview that could set the tone for the upcoming federal election campaign, some on the Internet are questioning whether the 30-minute verbal exchange will rival when Mike Willesee derailed John Hewson's campaign in 1993 with the infamous Birthday Cake Interview.

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I guess that depends on who you believe 'won' the exchange, and the online consensus is definitely swinging in Aly's favour.

Many on Twitter were angered by the Prime Minister not giving straight answers to Aly's questions.

Others, like Lisa Wilkinson earlier this week, were wondering why Australia couldn't have a Prime Minister like New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern.

And some were just downright savage.

But not everyone sided with Aly, with some voicing their support for the Prime Minister's performance.

But one thing was for sure, Scott Morrison wanted us to know he has the top job.