Brexit: UK Parliament Votes To Delay Exit From European Union

It's been a really long week of voting and debate in the House Of Commons and FINALLY we have a result.

Well, sort of.

The United Kingdom had planned to leave the European Union in just 14 days, but after a fierce and passionate debate in the House Of Commons, the divorce from the bloc of nations should be delayed MPs say.

The UK was preparing to exit on March 29, but now Article 50 -- the legal process by which member states leave the EU-- will be extended until another kind of deal or agreement can be reached.

The House voted to delay the divorce deal for the deal 412 votes to 202. That's a majority of 210 votes.

British Prime Minister Theresa May. Image: Getty

The exit will be delayed until at least June 30, with the approval of the EU. Now, Theresa May will have to return to the European Union to secure support for the delay.

European Council President Donald Tusk tweeted before the vote, asking the EU to consider a long extension to Brexit.

The extension was just one of a number of votes tabled in Commons on Thursday. MPs voted down the possibility of the second referendum. A vote to take parliamentary control from PM Theresa May and hand it to MPs to try and find an alternative was defeated by just two votes.

On Wednesday (local time) MPs rejected the possibility of a no-deal Brexit. Tuesday's vote saw Theresa May's deal rejected by the House for a second time.

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Brexit Protesters
Pro-EU protesters outside the Houses of Parliament in London. Image: Getty Images.

This second defeat followed May securing "legally binding" assurances from European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker on to prevent a permanent border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

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Junker confirmed during a joint press conference with May on Monday that the EU would not negotiate any further on the UK exit.

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