Brexit's Real Hero: This Guy Makes Bickering Pollies Behave

He can be heard bellowing "ORDER. ORDER. ORRRRRDDER" at the members in the House of Commons.

Amid the quarrelsome comments, head-shaking and finger-pointing in the British lower house, he's the man tasked with keeping the "order" that's often absent.

His name is John Bercow -- and really, he's the true hero of the Brexit disaster. Known for his matter-of-fact dealing with MPs, he says what many of us are often thinking.

Bercow is also no stranger to poking fun at members who have behaved in a ridiculous or raucous manner.

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John Bercow
"OORRRRRRDDDER."Image: Getty Images.

Amidst the perpetual uncertainty of Brexit, British politicians and the rest of the world are never confused who is in charge of a House hurtling further and further into chaos.

On Wednesday, the House of Commons voted down Theresa May's final divorce deal, meaning MPs will return to the House for at least one more Brexit vote.

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His deep, authoritative voice has become a Commons trademark since he was first elected in 2009. Since then, he has been reelected -- unopposed -- three times.

Bercow's time as Speaker of the House has been filled with reprimanding shouting, shrill politicians in heated and passionate debates.

Earlier this month, Bercow struggled to ensure "ORDER" in the House.

"Caaaalllllllmmmmmmm. Orrrdddddeeerrrr. Nooooooooo," Bercow commanded.

"Difference of opinion is of the essence of politics. There is an elaborate combination of finger-wagging and head-shaking going on which may be personally therapeutic but is institutionally disadvantageous."

In 2016, when David Cameron was PM, Bercow ordered MP Dennis Skinner to leave Commons after he called Cameron "dodgy Dave".

After an impassioned and angry question from Skinner, Bercow unleashed, first reprimanding a different minster, before dealing with Skinner.

"I don't need any assistance from some junior minister. What an absurd proposition," he said.

"I invite the honourable gentlemen to withdraw that adjective he used a moment ago. He's perfectly capable of asking his question without using that word."

Skinner refused to withdraw his use of the word "dodgy", and he was ordered to leave.

"I order the honourable member to withdraw from the House for the remainder of the day's proceedings," Bercow said.

Back in 2011, Bercow disciplined MP Tim Loughton after a rowdy debate that saw Commons erupt into shouting. Bercow bellowed "Order" no less than eight times, before he reprimanded the House generally and Loughton specifically.

"I say to the Children's Minister try to calm down and behave like an adult and if you can't, if it is beyond you, leave the chamber. Get out. We will manage without you," Bercow said.

"This is intolerable behaviour ... no it's not funny. Only in your mind Mr. Loughton is it funny. It's not funny at all. It's disgraceful."

It seems amid all the Brexit chaos, there is one shining light that will at least attempt to keep the British government in "ORDER".

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