A Quarter Of Voters Don't Know Who ScoMo Is, New Poll Finds

Who’s this man? More than one in four Aussies wouldn’t be able to pick our Prime Minister out of a lineup, according to a surprising new report.

Research from The Australia Institute found 23 percent of people do not know who PM Scott Morrison is.

The left-leaning think tank surveyed more than 1500 Australians to see which politicians are the most recognisable among the general public -- and the results don't paint a great picture for the Liberals.

Do you know this man? Photo: AAP

Respondents on average only said they knew eight of the 27 ministers. Matt Canavan was recognised by just 20 percent of voters, while foreign minister Marise Payne (25 percent), trade minister Simon Birmingham (21 percent) and Michaelia Cash (33 percent) didn't fare much better.

Nationally, eight percent of people did not recognise one single minister.

Julie Bishop is the most recognised politician currently in parliament, with 82 percent of people saying they had heard of her. But that won't much help the Coalition at the coming federal election, because the Member for Curtin announced last month she is quitting politics.

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The former foreign minister, and well known fashionista, stood for the top job in August when Malcolm Turnbull was knifed. But while she may be popular with the people, Bishop only gained 11 votes from her party in the leadership ballot.

Can you name these two? Photo: AAP

Christopher Pyne is another of the Coalition's most-known faces -- but again, he too will be leaving the parliament, adding to the coalition’s woes.

With Bishop and Pyne gone, the only remaining minister in the survey’s top five most recognisable, is Peter Dutton -- but that may be for all the wrong reasons, after he led the charge in the leadership spill that ended Turnbull’s political career.

The Home Affairs Minister has also been the centre of controversy over the au pairs and childcare centre embroglios that have plagued his recent time in politics.

"Two of the three most recognised female MPs are retiring, leaving Michaelia Cash as the most recognised female Minister at just 33 percent of those polled," the Australia Institute said.

Name that minister! Photo: AAP

The third most-known MP is Barnaby Joyce -- the former Nationals leader, who does not even have a ministerial role.

The backbencher was forced to quit the role of Deputy Prime Minister after it was revealed he had begun a relationship with his former staff member, which led to a “bonk ban” in Parliament.

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Joyce is still a lot more recognisable than his successor, Michael McCormack. Nearly three-quarters of Australians could pick Barnaby out a crowd, but only 28 percent know who McCormack is.

Michael who? Photo: AAP

At the bottom of the list, less than 10 percent of people knew Paul Fletcher, Darren Chester or deputy Nats leader Bridget McKenzie.

With polling day fast approaching, it may well be that it is not what you know, but who knows you, that matters.