Julia Banks Blows Open The Liberals’ “Woman Problem” In Exclusive Sunday Project Interview

Julia Banks has been in the headlines a lot over the last six months.

When the leadership spill saw Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull pushed out and a conservative Scott Morrison swoop in, federal Liberal MP Julia Banks -- after only two years of seeing the party up close -- had had enough.

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Accusations of male ego-driven bullying and betrayal, backroom boys’ club deals, intimidation and threats to pre-selection, followed.  In short, from where she sat, the Liberal Party had a massive “woman problem”.

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And yet, Julia Banks has never gone into detail on who the main perpetrators were, or what was really happening behind the scenes that led her to say “enough!”

Julia Banks sits down with Lisa Wilkinson for an exclusive interview on The Sunday Project

Exclusively on The Sunday Project, I sit down with Julia Banks, who blows that chapter of Australian politics wide open.

Why did the party overlook Julie Bishop as PM?

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Why are so many Liberal MPs -- nine at last count -- deserting Scott Morrison at the coming election?

And what was in the text that the PM sent to Julia Banks that for her, was the last straw?

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