'Obscene' Homophobic Political Posters Appear Ahead Of Election

A Labor MP has referred "obscene" anonymous election material to the NSW Electoral Commission after it was distributed in Sydney's south. 

10 daily has seen photographs of the "Do Not Vote Labor" flyer delivered in letterboxes in Hurstville in recent nights, as the state election approaches.

The flyer, written in broken English with both Chinese and Arabic translations, depicts a young girl surrounded by cartoons of same-sex couples holding hands and a man in a compromising sexual position.

Slogans printed on the reverse side, loosely translated in English, urge people to vote against Labor "if you want to protect family value and future", warning against homosexuality, masturbation and "63 genders".

Image: Supplied
Image: Supplied

There is no indication on the poster who is behind the material.

Labor MP for Kogarah Chris Minns heard from concerned citizens in Hurstville overnight, and has referred the material to the NSW Electoral Commission.

"It is obscene, unauthorised and it's obviously deeply untrue," he told 10 daily.

"There is a disgusting irony that the authors who, in their own words, are attempting to protect children when in fact they are exposing them to illegal and disturbing images."

10 daily has seen material delivered throughout Hurstville, where there is a high Chinese population. There is no indication how widely it has been distributed.

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Minns said the same material was distributed ahead of the same-sex marriage postal vote in 2017.

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"The cowards have released it at night, in letter boxes. It has always been directed at the Labor Party and it has always been anonymous," he said.

"My sense is that the community in Kogarah won't fall for these dirty tricks but they do need to be called out otherwise people will continue to abuse the rules."

It is an offence under the NSW Electorates and Elections Act to print, publish or distribute electoral material that does not show the name and address of the person authorising it, and the name and place of business of the printer.

It's also an offence to publish misleading material.

The NSW Electoral Commission told 10 daily it is aware of media coverage of the material but does not comment on whether it is investigating specific matters.

"All allegations received by the NSW Electoral Commission are reviewed in accordance with the Commission's Compliance and Enforcement Policy and Procedures," a spokesman said in a statement.

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