Sports Minister Apologises For Bizarre Obesity Photo

Deputy Nationals Leader Bridget McKenzie has again apologised for a photo where she appeared to be making fun of obesity.

The Minister -- whose portfolios include regional services and sport -- was snapped at the National Obesity Summit on Friday holding her hands to her belly and making a face.

She apologised for the photo on Twitter and explained the unfortunate snap simply showed her feeling ill from an undesirable eggs / yoghurt combination.

"I sincerely apologise for this very unfortunate photo taken as I demonstrated how my stomach felt after scrambled eggs reacted with yoghurt I had just eaten," she said.

Photo: Twitter.

Almost 24 hours later, and her team sent out another statement, again apologising for the image but making no further explanations as to the offending meal.

"I again apologise for any offence taken by the unfortunate photo taken out of context at the Obesity Summit on Friday, and I am happy if my ridicule leads to action on the complex issue of obesity in this country," she said.

Two-thirds of adults and a quarter of children aged from five to 17 years are either overweight or obese, according to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics' National Health Survey.

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While the rate of obesity in children has remained steady over the past ten years, it's risen from just under 28 percent to more than 31 percent in that time.

The one-day summit in Canberra looked at a cohesive strategy involving physical activity, primary health care clinicians, educators and governments to work together in tackling the obesity crisis.

"We know that there is not one simple solution to tackling the problem so we need to examine all options and develop a multi-faceted approach," McKenzie said.

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