Here's The PM's Video Message To People Smugglers Being Beamed Around The World

As the government deals with the political fallout of a historic loss on asylum seeker legislation in parliament, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has released a video message aimed directly at people smugglers themselves.

"Make no mistake, if you attempt to come to Australia illegally by boat, you will not succeed," he said.

"So do not waste your money or risk your life, or anyone else's life, for nothing."

The two-minute video is expected to be translated into 15 languages and aired in 10 countries considered asylum-seeker hot spots, AAP reports.

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It comes after a coalition of Labor, the Greens and crossbenchers passed the medical evacuation bill against the wishes of the government, strengthening provisions to bring sick and injured refugees from Manus Island and Nauru to Australia.

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The government has gone on an offensive ever since, claiming it would send a signal to people smugglers that the 'doors are open', despite the bill only applying to asylum seekers already detained in offshore detention.

"Unfortunately people smugglers don't read the fine print," Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton said.

"They will use this policy to put people on boats."

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This has been brushed off as little more than a scare tactic by Labor, independents and former Liberal Party leader John Hewson, who this week declared it as Morrison's attempt to "create some electoral victory from the jaws of his history parliamentary defeat".

In response to legislation passing, the Morrison government announced it will reopen the Christmas Island detention centre.

Attorney-General Christian Porter defended that decision on ABC's Insiders on Sunday morning.

"Opening Christmas Island is rational, indeed, one of very few limited responses that we can take to deal with the influx of hundreds of people," he said.

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