James Ashby Banned From Parliament, Burston Admits Smearing Blood On Door

Brian Burston has admitted smearing blood on Pauline Hanson's door and the One Nation leader's advisor has been banned from Parliament House, ending a dramatic day in Canberra after a fight between the pair on Wednesday.

Ashby, an advisor to Pauline Hanson, has had his access to federal Parliament House revoked after a dust-up with Burston, a former One Nation senator and now member of the United Australia Party.

Mobile phone video, captured by Ashby, showed a physical altercation between the pair as Burston left a function in parliament on Wednesday night.

James Ashby And Brian Burston Clash In Parliament

On Thursday, Senate president Scott Ryan said senators needed to be able to do their job freely and said he had revoked Ashby's pass to the building.

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"Senators must be free to go about their work in this building," Ryan said.

"Passholders are granted access to the building upon certain conditions around behaviour... [the video] shows inappropriate behaviour by a passholder towards a senator."

"Accordingly, I have exercised my authority to revoke Mr James Ashby of his pass to access the building, and prohibit him from re-entering the building for the time being."

Immediately following Ryan's announcement, Burston also admitted he had smeared blood on Hanson's office door on Thursday night -- a claim he had previously denied.

"While I do not recall the incident of blood on the door, I now have come to the conclusion it was myself, and I sincerely apologise for that action," the senator said.

Hanson had complained that two large streaks of a red substance had been found on her door soon after the Ashby-Burston altercation, but the former One Nation member had initially said he was not responsible.

In a series of tweets, UAP leader Clive Palmer praised Ryan and backed Burston.